TVR Tuscan S 4.0 Mk2 photo shooting

TVR Tuscan S 4.0 Mk2 photo shooting


The gorgeous TVR Tuscan S 4.0 Mk2 is the evolution of the TVR Tuscan S 4.0 Mk1: new front fascia with revised lights, new rear bumper with new lights and a big rear wind. The chassis, a tubular steel structure, is the same from Tuscan S Mk1. And so does the engine: the incredible front line-6 Speed-6 with 4.0 liters of displacement gives a little more than 400 hp.

It’s the first TVR I had the chance to drive thanks to UK GARAGE (Italian TVR importer: they sold here 5 TVR Sagaris LHD) and it’s surely the car which made me fall in love with this brand and made me think a British supercar (along with Noble, Caterham, Mosler, Marcos, Westfield, Radical, Ultima) is the only way to feel such incredible emotions.

This simply because you’ve got the car completely in your hands: And that’s the only way a supercar should be. if you’re not particoularly skilled, you’d do better leave it in your garage!