TVR with Speed-6: maximum care when purchasing

TVR with Speed-6: maximum care when purchasing


Tuscan, Tamora, T350, Sagaris… every suggestion and advice on purchasing focuses on the most important part of the car and the most critical: the Speed-6 engine. Surely we’re repetitious but this is not enough if you’re in front of a huge expense due to lack of accuracy in evaluating the car.

Beware of sloopy houses
The first and, in our opinion, important fact is that the SP6 engine is “almost” a race engine so it needs more care than a normal mass built one. Most low milage failures now are down to the owner or previous owners care. Some people buy a TVR on a shoestring budget and do not warm it up as it should be done. It’s so important that, according to some owners, when buying it should be wise to analyise the owner and his home as well as the car (if buying private). If he/she doesn’t look after themself or their home then the car will have suffered the same fate! Also recent service history is a must, a plus is that it has just had a 12K service.

Take the chance!
If something is required get it done at the 1st opportunity rather than leave it until later. Preventative maintenance is absolute key on these cars! Some simple actions are fundamental: make sure you look after it by checking oil and water once a week, and warm it up correctly and take it back to the dealer/garage every time a bit of trim needs gluing on, or a window needs adjusting.

Beware of cars sitting
Age and mileage are less relevant (very low miles can be worse than very high miles). Some other skilled fellows advises to beware of cars sitting around for a long time: every buyer has to ask why when some sell straight away. If they are ‘test driven’ once every few weeks then left out in the rain these people would wager they will be more troublesome than a private sale garage queen.

An expert with you
It’s important to get a good TVR independent to look over whatever car you are planning on buying.

Drive you TVR!
Last important advice every TVR owner will tell every beginner is rather easy: drive your car very often!! That’s for your happiness but also because every TVR, not exactely a German-quality car, cannot be stand still. Average owners consider a TVR a good product but all those very little problems haven’t to be neglected.