Register of FIRST-LAST TVRs

Register of FIRST-LAST TVRs

This Register is possible thanks to the fundamental contribution of: Roger Thomas, Timothy Morris.

This Register wants to explore the most important units at the beginning and the end of the production of a TVR model: the FIRST one, the LAST one. Among them, another important stuff for “European” TVR lovers: the FIRST/LAST example of a LHD TVR (Last update: Dec. 03rd 2022).

The FIRST TVR Chimaera: Any info to share? Email at

The FIRST TVR Chimaera with Left Hand Drive: Jan. 1994, silver paint, black leather, black wheels. First registration and owner unknown. Last known registration unknown. May 2010: the car is in Belgium and is for sale (advertised here). MF Cars of Belgium stated it had this car on its stand at the Brussels Motor Show of January 1994. It originally was a metallic red car with Sand and Butterscotch full hide interior. It was MF Cars’s ‘demonstrator’ for over a year and was sold to Namur after that. Afterwards the car went to Romania or Hungaria and came back in Belgium about in 2007.

The LAST TVR Chimaera: this car was a TVR factory demo TVR Chimaera 4.5, first registered in Jan 03. Current owner and location unknown.
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The LAST TVR Griffith / The LAST TVR Griffith 500 SE: According to, the last 100 units in the TVR Griffith model line were the Griffith 500 SEs. So the Griffith SE number 100 (981 GRM) was the last TVR Griffith to be produced. And it’s ALSO the last TVR Griffith among all and among the last 500 SEs. The registration number was 981 GRM in 2005 when the car was being sold, but the registration number was not part of the sale, and so it will not be that number currently. The car is owned by Fernhurst Motor Company (UK), official TVR Dealer.

The FIRST TVR Cerbera: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST TVR Cerbera: a clarification is needed. It’s necessary to distinguish between two cars.

1) the LAST OFFICIAL PRODUCTION TVR Cerbera was a TVR Cerbera Speed-6 with chassis number 5B001313. Her build Sheet was printed/amended on 21/09/2004 and she left the factory on the 14th february 2005 for Harrogate Horseless Carriages, former official TVR dealer. She was painted in Reflex Charcoal.

2) The VERY LAST TVR CERBERA BUILT is the Nikolai Smolenky White TVR Cerbera 4.2 (see HERE all related articles). She was born in 2006 and was a Pepper White car that new owner of the brand Nikolai Smolenski built for himself, then auctioned (although bids failed to meet the reserve). This car disappeared after the auction then resurfaced when TVR collapsed just before Christmas 2006. It briefly appeared on sale for over £80,000 at a London showroom before being sold for rather less from a northern TVR dealer some months later. May 2010: the car was for sale on Pistonheads (advertised HERE). January 2011: for sale at TVR Racing Green (advertised HERE).

The FIRST TVR Cerbera Speed-6: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST TVR Cerbera Speed-6: this car left the factory on 14th february 2005 (first registration in the UK on March 2, 2005 with UK specs) and was sold through Harrogate Horseless Carriages. Further informations: body colour reflex charcoal, dash top ocean green ambla, trim colour cream ambla seats cream/ocean green half hide, seat stitching contrasting thoughout, carpet green, dial colour magnolia.
Layout: air conditioning, 18″ Spiders, child seat, no ashtrays, lamonta headlining. November 2010: the car is in Germany with only 23.000 mls on the tacho.

The FIRST TVR Tuscan Speed6 MK1: Any info to share? Email at

The FIRST TVR Tuscan MK1 with Left Hand Drive: chassis number SDLEA17A43B001492. Blue paint, white/black leather. This is car is probably the first TVR Tuscan MK1 With left Hand Drive. Sold new in Italy through UK Garage – UK Racing of Bovisio Masciago (demo car). First registration CS 918 CT (I). 2008: new registration. The car is currently in Italy. Spring 2010: sold in Italy (Northern Lombardy). October 2010: the car was for sale (advertised HERE) with 16.000 kms and asking 42.900 euros.

The LAST TVR Tuscan Speed6 MK1: Any info to share? Email at

The first TVR T350. This car was introduced at 2002 Birmingham Motor Show. It has some differences from standard models. It has been featured here.

The FIRST TVR Tuscan Speed6 MK2: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST TVR Tuscan Speed6 MK2 [TO BE VERIFIED]: Registered in April ’07, silver paint, silver leather. It was reviewed on TVR Unofficial Blog HERE (December 2008).

The LAST TVR Tuscan MK2 Left Hand Drive [TO BE VERIFIED]: 06 reg., dark grey paint, red leather. This car, in June 2009, was for sale in Holland (it was reviewed HERE). It has the last type of dash. June: 2011: the car is in Brittany (F).

The FIRST TVR Tuscan Speed6 Roadster: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST TVR Tuscan Speed6 Roadster: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST TVR T350 [TO BE VERIFIED]: 08 reg., burnt orange metallic with graphite wheels, black carbon/leather trim with orange stitching; Sagaris rear spoiler; Sports exhaust; TVR service history. Oct. 2010: this car was for sale in Great Britain asking 29.000 GBP.

The FIRST TVR Tamora: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST TVR Tamora: Chameleon Green with contrasting Black hide with carbon inserts and matching green stitching. Registered in May 2009 and with 2,000 miles. 2010: purchased in March from James Agger and taken to Str8six garage for several improvements: 4.3 Speed-6 engine, carbon airbox/trumpets, ceramic coated manifolds, uprated ali rad, high torque starter, ACT sport system with 400 cell cats (but soon to be decatted), CR gearbox 3.73 diff, uprated clutch, Nitrons/Eibach suspensions, Sagaris front brakes, black SP12s with Goodyear Assymetrics, Momo Trek R Steering Wheel, Bi xenon conversion, Cobra Imola seats in Carbon with Black/carbon leather TVR logo and green stitching, New small rear window hood with alcantara inner liner to match middle hood section, Carl Baker Kenwood Navi/MB Quart Hifi upgrade. November: the car is in Germany.

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The FIRST TVR Sagaris with Left Hand Drive: May 2006, orange paint, black/orange leather. Chassis number: SDLSA16A16B001121; Sold new to Holland. Oct 2010: for sale with 30.000 kms asking 78.000 euro.

The LAST TVR Sagaris with Left and Drive: Chassis n. SDLSA16A16B001135, engine n. 0627P6404583. Sold new to Nikolai Smolenski; first registration: P056 HPK. blue paint, black leather. Front exhausts. In 2007 the car was in Italy at UK Garage – UK Racing of Bovisio Masciago. 2008: reviewed in the Italian magazine AutoDigest. October ’09: serviced by UK Garage – UK Racing. 2010: the car should be in Romania. This car was reviewed here.

The LAST TVR Sagaris: Any info to share? Email at

The LAST official TVR: TVR factory was officially closed in December 2006. This car was introduced officially on July 10th 2008 (click HERE for a summary on what would have been introduced and HERE for some images). The car was put in build on 17/07/2006 under TVR order nr. 0154 and build n° 1102 and subsequently received chassis number SDLSA**A**B001102. It seemed TVR was ready to restart production but it was a joke. Carefully, this is the last TVR produced by hands of the factory. click HERE for some stunning photos made by photographer Dean Smith. Currently, TVR Sagaris 2 PF08UUL should be located somewhere in the Middle East.