This 1995 TVR S4C is the last S Series car to be produced by TVR and Incorporated many features that were on the V8S cars: limited Slip Diff, brake discs all round, improved Suspensions, 2.9 litre Ford V6 with cat giving slightly more torque than the earlier engines. The general spec of the S4C was largly the same as the V8S apart from the engine.

The S4 is a rare car. When production of the S ceased, the V8S made up most of the sales. Despite the fact that the V8S was £5000 more than the V6, most buyers were going for the extra performance offered by the larger engine. Opinions vary with somewhere between 32 and 49 cars thought to have been made, with at least 3 in left hand drive.

The S4 is basically a V8S but with the V6 engine. It’s got the strengthed, wider track chassis and all-round disc brakes of the V8S, but has a bonnet without the hump. Other minor detail changes are the inclusion of the nicer looking aluminium roof stays from the Griffith, the relocating of the battery to the boot, and different wing mirrors.
Despite it’s rarity it’s not yet become a collector’s item for that reason. The S series as whole is a sought after car now with the best condition cars collecting the premium money with specific age becoming less of a factor.


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