NEW TVR Griffith: large NEW gallery and some reflections

NEW TVR Griffith: large NEW gallery and some reflections


Here’s a new gallery with lots of images. It’s possibile to appreciate the new TVR Griffith from every corner, exterior and cockpit.

It’s fair to say that the new car caused a heated debate since its unveiling and it is being receiving some criticism. On TVR Unofficial Blog’s Instagram and Facebook pages (HERE and HERE) I put the question on the first – and unique for know – element we can give our judges: the body design.

Well, it seems the new Griffith has “something” that TVR fellows didn’t like so much. The comparison has been made with its closest “competitor”, the TVR Sagaris and the T350.


There are some elements that gave rise to the conclusion TVR designers had to be more “open-minded”, like it was with Tuscan, Cerbera, T350, Tamora and Sagaris.

Some people don’t like its squared volumes, some say it’s too similar to the Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 or the mighty Toyota LT1 concept. Some other TVR people don’t like to see the body panels’ “cuts” and idolize Tuscan’s or Sagaris’s unique peace of body.

My personal opinion is that Les Edgar and his team spent four years to design and build “nothing but a TVR”. So they knew that they should “respect” TVR enthusiasts. But more than 10 years has passed since Smolenski’s outcome: motoring industry changed a lot, people’s tastes and needs changed a lot. And today there are many more competitors for the Griffith.

Now TVR has been revived as modern and motoring company, with a new industrial vision, a British soul but surely a global vision and many projects to reach (and the target of races is very difficult and expensive: they’ll have to sell lots of cars).

IMHO, simply looking at her volumes and its cockpit (the “KILL” button shakes my nerves heavily!) the new TVR Griffith is 101% British (more than Lotus itself).

But after all we still miss the most important qualities the new Griffith will show us: top acceleration, handling, noise. Those will be the parameters that will have to make the difference in comparison with Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW.

Any opinion? Drop me a comment on this!

Source: | Photos by Tom Shaxson