TVR 660 SEAC – a mysterious one of a kind

TVR 660 SEAC – a mysterious one of a kind


The rarer they rare the more they like me: the mysterious TVR 660 SEAC. Despite the common TVR SEAC shape you can recognize a sportier design whose maximum topic is the large wind on the tail.
This monster was equipped with a mighty V8 engine which gave nearly 600 hp. According to well informed mates, she was taken in Sweden but because of she didn’t pass low emission rules, a small block V8 engine was installed.


  1. I came here from that link in the 450seac story, never heart or read about this special one though…
    lovely, (not the shape though) I wonder what became of it.

  2. I was at the factory when they built it the 660 and loaded it on a truck for Sweden. Still have photos! Wonder where the car is now. I’d be interested in purchasing for nostalgia sake.

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