TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2: my own driving impressions

TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2: my own driving impressions

Mystical! That’s the final sensation I got at the wheel of a TVR Cerbera 4.5 MK2. A friend of mine, who almost drove “everything” (even a Marcos Mantula!) purchased it recently but it confessed that when he left the English dealer where the car was, he didn’t know exactely “what” he had purchased. He drove his Cerbera from England to Italy “and when I arrived home I was sure: I would have never set apart from her”.

On that day I was driving a good comparison-car, an Italian GT car which has definetively showed me the difference between a modern GT and an English GT. While a modern supercar is designed around the pilot the TVR asks you to get accustomed to her. The cockpit is small but rather confortable. The central tunnel is very large and the gear lever in very high position.

Some driving impressions
The TVR Cerbera 4.5 is capable to exceed 300 km/h. It’s so compact, so light in comparison to some pachiderms that promise you gorgeous speeds but it seems you’re at the wheel of the Titanic. The wonderful sound of the AJP-V8 makes you understand that this car was made to run always extremely fast, along every road and in each gear. Her steering wheel is fantastic: extremely precise and direct in let you brushing perfectly every single curve. If your mixed “track” is adequately fast, with the 3rd gear you can do everything you like. The engine is huge, progressive thanks to its great torque. The Cerbera follows all your instructions: brutal, fast, agile, totally in your hands, with incredible brakes that answer immediatly to every request.