TVR Sagaris: the birth of the myth and the first 3 cars

TVR Sagaris: the birth of the myth and the first 3 cars


TVR Sagaris had a TVR T350/TVR Tamora/TVR Tuscan chassis with wider wishbones derived from Tuscan Challenge geometry. The wheels poked through the top of the wheelarches on full bump as well as sticking out. A T350 body was cut around extensively and became the TVR Sagaris shape you see today.

A second TVR T350 shell then had the front and rear body sections removed and the splash moulded new panels were then grafted on, this became working prototype number 1 (grey car mph03). This work started in the second week of September 03 and was completed the day before the show. The bonnet and rear diffuser were finalised last and suffered a little as a consequence. The first car also had a wider front light graphic and the main bonnet shut line ran through the serated vents to give a Rambo knife appearance.

The original shell or buck was filled with foam and filler and destroyed when removed from the fixed position it had sat in on the gantry for measuring.


The original grey car with the saggy rear diffuser was made in November/December 2003 and was shown at the MPH03 Motorshow. A second grey car of the same spec was built and shown at the NEC in 2004 (it’s the 2nd TVR Sagaris). The first Grey car was a T350 shell with the new front and rear sections bonded on. It was stripped in early 04 in order to become a body master from which moulds were taken to produce the following cars. The second grey car was on the Autoglym? stand in 04 and was to be offered as a prize for a competion of theirs.


This car, “PO54”, was built and then was written off. It’s is photographed above in a rebuilt state. So it differs slightly from when it first came out the mould. All the vents and cuts are open though. Actually the car sould be in Switzerland.


This car was built in 2004. It was the third car made. It became the development mule and was buctured to test vent ducting etc, all rather roughly. The seperate ‘pocket’ on the back of cars 2nd and 3rd were to aid exhaust cooling at standstill. The car is still in existance and is owned by a very passionate TVR (female) enthusiast!

Notice: although the second grey car was delivered to the production line before the Candy car, the 2nd nad 3rd TVR Sagaris were assembled alongside one another leading upto the show. Both cars were made from the mould created from the hacked about T350 that was at MPH ’03 (the 1st TVR Sagaris, the one with the bulbous exhaust!) sideways.