TVR T350C: a stunning unit from France

TVR T350C: a stunning unit from France


Only 3 TVR T350Cs are registered in France. Passion for TVRs is hot in the Country┬ábut it’s very hard to have the French plates under the Tour Eiffel. Pictured here is a stunning 2005 TVR T350C (with a very nationalist paint!) with 12000 kms. Eric bought her 5 months ago and now he loves her! Here are his feelings with her:

I dream about a TVR since 4 years, but it’s very hard to register in france a t350. I like these cars for the handmade construction and the beautiful noise they do. it’s not necessary to drive fast to have pleasure with a TVR and owners are really in love with their TVR. The shape of the TVR is different than other car, it’s really an original kind of mark.

I choose the TVR T350C because is reasonnable in price and is more smooth in shape than the TVR Sagaris (i love also). The inside is the same and the size is smaller, so it’s the best for the twisty roads in south of France.

it’s also very easy to maintain myself the TVR. Thanks to the manual from Graham you do all you want alone. She side i prefer in my TVR T350C is… the back !! All round, agressive, and the blueflame exhaust is beautiful also.

All the original details like the fuel cap, the electric door etc give you pleasure at the eyes every time you see them. aluminium parts are very beautiful and give to the car her “ambiance” inside .

This TVR T350C give me a lot of pleasure to drive: noise, power, vibration, and performance… you have all you can look for in a sport car. I had 7 lotus before (Elise, Exige, 340r, Esprit V8..): the handling is better in a Lotus, but you don’t have the same feeling of power and exhaust tone. It’s different but the pleasure is the same. I will not change my car even for a ferrari!! In france there are only 3 example of the TVR T350 so it’s very very rare here.

A tvr is like a woman: you love her and take care of her and she give it back to you.

South of France


  1. Hi Eric (Bonjour),
    I am from south too but South Western (Bordeaux).
    Your Tiv is really gorgeous. Congratulations !
    I'm a great TVR fan since I discovered an S3C in a car magazine when I was younger.
    I was wondering if you could contact me so you could share your experience about registering/servicing/running costs…

  2. hello
    thanks for the comment

    i will be happy to meet both. i love tvr cars
    for the register i give the car to a professional.
    no problem to get in contact. i'm on the tvr french forum also

    i 'm also going to see the italian tvr club
    have good day