TVR T400 – T440 2002: The TVR Super Tuscan

TVR T400 – T440 2002: The TVR Super Tuscan


It’s 2000 and Peter Wheeler introduces the Tuscan, a totally new car (new chassis, new engine – the 6-Line Speed Six with 3.6 liters displacement, new bodywork… new emotions!). The car gives a hit to the TVR production: it’s a real revolution. It gives the basis to develop the in 2002 the Tamora and, based on it itself, the T350.
In the same year, next to the T350 arrives a special “friend” in the production line. It had been announced as a TVR Tuscan R but it definetively receives the name TVR T400.

This car is absolutely terrific: it’s an extreme model, which is used also as the main figure to develop a race version which goes to Le Mans 24 Hours. The design is special: so curvy, so elegant. You could not imagine that under its curves there’s almost a race car.

The TVR T400 is very very similar to a real race car but it is a little less powerful: the 6-line Speed Six (in front position inside the wheelbase) has been upgraded to 4.2 liters, it gives “only” 400 Hp and it weights some more than 1.100 poor kilos. The chassis has a typical tubular frame structure reinforced with carbon fiber. The cockpit “wants” to give a certain comfortable sensation with some luxury elements.

On the road? Simply sensational: it catapults itself from 0 to 60 mph in a struggling 3″5 seconds (I’ve found also 3″7) and can reach 320 km/h (215 mph). It’s like any other TVR when you drove it so slow that the midges punched the back. But when you didn’t succeed in win your curiosity and pushed down the gas pedal you should have been suddenly one of the most phlegmatic person in the world to dominate it! The car would have been explode in a sensational “typhoon”, 😉 , with incredible strenght and fury.

After it, the TVR T400 was upgraded to TVR T440, almost the same car but with 440 hp.