TVR Tuscan Speed6: the official unveiling of the prototype

TVR Tuscan Speed6: the official unveiling of the prototype


Here is a collection of images of the prototype of the TVR Tuscan Speed6 prototype. These pics should come from 1998 Birmingham Auto show. They show the first result of a new course for TVR Cars with a new supercar equipped with a line-6 engine, the perfect layout.

During the Nineties we had huge shocking events at Blackpool: the Chimaera and the Griffith set two important events thanks to the introduction of powerful roadsters with large V8 engines.

In 1996 the TVR Cerbera came to revive the best concept in motoring history about a Gran Turismo coupé: a V8 race engine in a steel tubular chassis, a fiberglass body and 2+2 seats, nearly 1.100 kilos. No ABS, no ESP, radio and air conditioning. Exactly like it was in 50s when GT cars were also race beasts and you could race at a Mille Miglia also.

The TVR Tuscan Speed 6 was like Porsche 996 GT3: extremely light, extremely fast, extremely satisfying. Probably no other car in those years was as extreme as a TVR Tuscan Speed 6. Maybe a Ferrari F360 Modena Challenge.

And it was so beautiful: so stylish, so courvaceous.

Source: (TVR Files. If we’re publishing these images without permission please contact the staff.)