TVR Tuscan V8 LWB “MAL 010”

TVR Tuscan V8 LWB “MAL 010”


MAL010 was built in 1969 and soon exported into the US where it stayed for almost 20 years. Obviously it was used for quarter miles races in California. The car was modified for this and strengthened to better cope with the needs of fast acceleration. One of the owners also upgraded the interior with leather and a US style steering wheel. The last US owner (T Bartholow Squires) lived in Alexandria VA. David Gerald reimported the car into the U.K. In July 1991 the journal “Classic Cars” compared MAL010 with its rivals Lotus Europa, Marcos GT, Reliant Scimitar and Gilbern Genie. One comment “but you get performance with a capital – it is amazing, exhilarating – an experience – the fastest car I have ever driven – but every day – no way – fun rating 10” summarizes the nature of the car quite well. In 1991 or 1992 the car then came to Germany and was only randomly used on the road until 2004 when the car was bought by the current owner and brought to Switzerland. The TVR specialist “Classic Car Connection” sorted a few of the problems out and made the car road legal in Switzerland. The car received new Minilites and standard size Michelin 185 VR 15 tyres plus a Motolita steering wheel. Other than this the car was left as it was, some things not required (e.g. radio, mid mounted breaking lights) were removed. The cooling system was improved, the carburettors tuned and the back glass screen was replaced with a racing proofed version.


  1. OMG..I'm shocked to finally find her~! I have been searching for many years~! First bought MALO10 in 1969 from a dealership in Hudson, NH. Traded my 1967 Pontiac Firebird for this baby..I still have the original OEM ignition key~! Okay, first thing, shitty wheels, the originals were mag wheel, not at all like the ones on now. That AC Cobra on the dash is an add~!! Cobra engine head cover is an add. Air filter is modified.
    Original engine was a Detroit BOSS 302, with 4 speed (tight shift) 427 Cobra rear end. There's one other aspect of the car that only I know as such I can use that to prove I was the first owner~:)
    Vernon Townsend

  2. The next day review of pictures reveal these additional changes. The rear view mirror is all wrong, it was correctly placed on top of the dash. The driver's door was also black leather. The transmission was Shelby transmission with 427 Cobra rear end. I don't recall the radio ant.??.. The spare tire was mounted in the rear compartment. The metal aircraft style body frame was oil filled. The gas pedal was off center to the foot, to the right. The dash had one unique switch, you flipped it and the backup light came on, at night it was super bright for tailgater..So much more, I will reserve for the new owner only..I bought this car when I was 26 yrs old..The craziest thing I ever did with it was to outrun the Ohio State Police in 1969 with