TVR Griffith’s 45th celebration TVR Griffith’s 45th celebration


As you have probably heard there is a big party and celebration coming up next month! Griffith International Club is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the introduction of that nasty little car, the Ford-powered Griffith.
Mid-Ohio is hosting the Gathering of Griffiths & TVRs during the Vintage Grand Prix weekend of June 26-28, 2009 and it is working up to be one of the biggest and most exciting race and car show weekends ever!
Time is growing short to sign up for the 2009 Gathering of Griffiths & TVRs that is going to be held at the Mid-Ohio Sport Car Race Course.

There are several TVRs and Griffiths prepping for the trip to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the birth of Jack Griffith’s “Cobra Killer” in January of 1964. There will even be one of the latest “barn find” Griffiths, a Series 400 that has quite an interesting history, and it is reportedly arriving on a rollback recovery truck tripping in from Indiana.
There is word of a special guest arriving on Friday but if we told you who it was that would spoil the surprise, so ya gotta be there!

Friday, evening Tom Shelton, noted Griffith owner and Ferrari race driver, will be hosting a cookout at his digs in Berlin, Ohio, just down the road from the host hotel, the Berlin Inns & Suites, in the midst of Ohio Amish country. You can also register at the Choice Hotels International in nearby Millersburg, Ohio.

See the event information flyer for details.

Don’t forget to register – Don’t get left out! Don’t be late with either your event registration or with your hotel reservations. All of the hotel and lodging information is on the “Gathering of Griffiths & TVRs” page on the website


The registration cut-off date is June 13th, 2009

After you sign up for the meet, you will receive details of the program & celebrations and information to make your weekend participation in this gathering. All mailings will be done immediately following the Cut-Off date of June 13th.
On Saturday evening the guest speakers will be a few of the original Griffith factory workers whop will hold a round table discussion and will be more than happy to answer all of your questions about this “fiberglass powerhouse” and probably will either verify or dispel all in all of the “dirty little secrets” surrounding the three years of production. You will also be fed some of the stories from owners and the factory test driver.
Make sure that you go to the hyper linked Mid-Ohio website to get your tickets for the weekend or days of your attendance.
There will be a trackside car show as well as a Griffith-TVR competition with awards being presented at the Saturday evening dinner.
Don’t get left out on this show, one of the best marque weekends ever!
Remember, you don’t have to own a Griffith or TVR to register, but come on and join the fun. You can arrive in your particular “SOB” (Some Other Brand) ride to be a part of the celebration!

Questions? 828-241-3137 (Mr. Mike Mooney, President)

See you there.
And don’t forget— PASS THE WORD!