Problems with your TVR Tuscan? Try this!

Problems with your TVR Tuscan? Try this!


Owning a TVR Tuscan is certainly one of the most exciting experience in the TVR Universe. It’s the car of the rebirth of the brand issued from Peter Wheeler; it’s one of the most emotional to drive (someone says very difficult to tame, even more difficult than the T350 and the Sagaris). And of course it’s design is gorgeous, it’s a beauty, it has an unmistakable personality.

But, of course, after all it’s a car. It’s a sportcar made remarkably by hand, it’s full of the passion of the technicians that have built it. And, for this, it has its own values and defects.

For this reason, you could find very irritating to try to find the cause of strange noises, the reason to the fact that you cannot succeed in changing to 5th gear, the squeaking of some parts and so on. For all these problems that don’t let you sleep peacefully there’s MYTUSCAN.CO.UK and a very special section (click HERE) where you can find an answer to all the question you have about the TVR Tuscan