TVR Griffith: 45th anniversary

TVR Griffith: 45th anniversary


Mike Mooney, President at Griffith Motor Company and Griffith Motorcar Club Intl informs us on TVR Griffith 45th birthday:

On June 25th through the 28th of 2009 we will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the introduction of one of the most meaningful versions of the little “plastic troll” in TVR history… The Griffith motorcar.
Often maligned but never doubted, this car made a definite dent in the history of the clever little fiberglass sportcar from Hoo Hill and Blackpool fathering the line of ultra high performance cars to come from the molds formed from the loins and the brilliant mind of Trevor Wilkinson.

We will be marking this anniversary with a three, and for some, a four day celebration along with the Mid-Ohio Race Sport Course Vintage Grand Prix which will include a golf outing, touring through the Amish countryside, enjoying the camaraderie of Little British Sport Car owners at this venue. Enjoy a few laps around this beautiful sport car course and enjoy meeting with the owners and drivers of other marques in this beautiful country setting.

Take the time to check on the website for information on the Gathering of Griffiths & TVRs 2009 page for information. For our international guests there will be a special award for the “farthest traveled” attendee but, sorry to inform you, it will not count towards your frequent flier miles. You can also click onto the hyper linked Mid-Ohio website located on the Griffith website.

Bring your Griffiths and TVRs for this wild and wonderful celebration. We look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to get more information regarding the event but I believe that you will see as much as you might need to sign up for this very exciting weekend.