Carmel Motorsports of Indianapolis remanufactures NEW TVR Sagaris and T350

Carmel Motorsports of Indianapolis remanufactures NEW TVR Sagaris and T350


While we’re waiting for the new TVR (it’s said it will be built in Germany with an US engine) that will be unveiled at next Goodwood Festival of Speed of next beginning of July, you might be excited by the TVR Sagaris, the last TVR created by Mr. Peter Wheeler, the highest rate of development of the typical TVR tubular chassis and the Speed-6 engine (even if TVR Power has a new package that enlargest the straight-6 engine from 4 to 4.5 litres to give more than 450 hp).

There are three main ways to purchase the TVR Sagaris for your dreams:

1) Looking with care at the several units currently for sale on the most browsed sites (Pistonheads Classifieds,, Autoscout24…). Who is looking for an extremely rare TVR Sagaris with Left Hand Drive can find a little help in the Register of the LHD TVR Sagaris.

2) Somewhere in UK there are some garages who claim to be able to build NEW TVR Sagaris using the components they safed from TVR bankrupcy. In my opinion the only one which can offer you a perfect warranty is TVR Racing Green.

3) THAT’S THE NEW: Carmel MotorSports of Indianapolis (USA) “remanufactures” (?) the TVR Sagaris and the TVR T350. Here is its official statements:

Total vehicle remanufacturing has appointed Carmel Motorsports as the first official dealer of remanufactured versions of the sagaris t350 and Tuscan. All cars are supplied in the US by Total Vehicle Remanufacturing who remanufacture the chassis to comply with US federal laws. The chassis (refered to as rollers in the usa) are offered for sale with no engine or transmission and is left to the end user to source there own power plant (speed 6 does not meet emissions standards). A larger dealer network is anticipated across the USA and is spearheaded by Moses Miklitsch the official US representative. Cars are only available in RHD at the moment but enough demand will allow the changes and development to offer LHD also.

If some TVR enthusiasts, pulled by curiosity, contacted them to know something more, please make me know how is it possible. Leave me a comment or email me at


  1. Interesting that the bottom picture has one Sagaris and a lot of Tuscans – wonder what they're going to do with those bodyshells……